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Congressman Manzullo Ready for Next Career


CHICAGO — Outgoing Congressman Don Manzullo says he's moving on after losing a tough primary battle with a fellow Republican incumbent.

The Republican is also calling for an end to super PACs. Manzullo tells Chicago's WBBM-Radio that ads run by outside political groups were part of the reason he lost. Manzullo says political groups nationwide are allowing a 'handful of millionaires' to decide elections.

Manzullo was first elected in 1992.

He lost the March primary to Congressman Adam Kinzinger for the new 16th District seat. The district curves around Chicago's outermost suburbs, stretches through north-central Illinois and touches both the Wisconsin and Indiana borders.

The new map forced the incumbent run-off.

The 68-year-old Manzullo was a longtime lawyer and congressman. He says he's ready for something else when his term expires.  {AP}