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Sheriff Hagen says “not interested” in absorbing Watseka Police duties

Iroquois County Sheriff Derek Hagen says his priority is police protection for the unincorporated areas of the county, and there’s no interest…on his part…in providing for the city of Watseka……

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Any such arrangement, Hagen said, has to show both parties benefitting.  There doesn’t appear to be a scenario that does that.  And to make everyone involved happy would be a long, labor-intensive process.  

Sheriff Hagen also said the city police and county sheriff’s department work well together, each providing back-up to each other when necessary.

The sheriff was asked to meet with the city officials in mid-July to talk about the possibility of combining forces  The sheriff said then, he wanted an open meeting with nothing kept under wraps, so all concerned would know what’s going on……..

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Hagen’s comments were presented to the county board’s Judicial & Public Safety committee Wednesday.

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