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Health Department Continues Green Initiative

Ford-Iroquois counties – The Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department continues to move forward with projects that support their “Green Initiative”.  This week, each employee was given a reusable grocery bag to utilize when shopping.  “It is the many little things that we do that add up to make a big impact,” said Doug Corbett, Public Health Administrator.  “It appears that the reusable bag can hold about four to five times the amount of groceries that would normally be placed in a plastic bag.  If each employee uses the bag just once a week during this year we would be saving over (5 bags saved each week x 40 employees x 52 weeks = 10,400) ten thousand plastic bags in just one year.”


Corbett said the agency is committed to being good stewards of our resources.  “We not only practice “green” when we carry out our business during working hours at the health department, we encourage our employees to utilize “green practices” during their hours away from the agency as well.”

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