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Program Schedule


Midnight-5am  Adult Contemporary Music
5:03 am The Lords Prayer & The Pledge of Allegiance
5:07 am By The Way - Dr. Paul Devantier
5:15 am National Farm Report w/ Orion Samuelson
5:25 am Closing Stock Market Report (Previous Day)
5:32 am RFD Livestock Report
5:36 am RFD Illinois Farm Bureau
5:50 am RFD Market Summary
5:52 am RFD Ag Weather
6:00 am - 10:00 am Morning Show w/ Don Elliott
6:00 am ABC News Break
6:04 am Local & Regional News & Weather w/ Carl Gerdovich
6:10 am Farm Focus w/ John Gooding (Tue & Thu)
6:10 am IDNR Hunting Report (Wed In Season)
6:15 am Almanac of American Agriculture
6:20 am Agri-Business News #1 w/ John Gooding (Mon, Wed, Fri)
6:29 am Ag Weather Notes
6:30 am Local & Regional News & Sports w/ Carl Gerdovich
6:35 am ABC Sports Update
6:40 am Agri-Business News #2 w/ John Gooding (Mon, Wed, Fri)
6:40 am Kim Komando Digital Minute
6:50 am Bob Vila's Home Improvement
7:00 am ABC News Break
7:04 am Local & Regional News & Obituaries w/ Carl Gerdovich
7:20 am Ag Weather Notes
7:35 am Gallagher Online – Mike Gallagher
7:45 am Local & Regional Sports w/ Carl Gerdovich
7:48 am ABC Sports Update
7:50 am Focus on the Family
8:00 am Saturday Morning Sports (Sat)
8:00 am ABC News Break
8:04 am Local & Regional News & Weather w/ Carl Gerdovich
8:15 am Hotline Interview
8:15 am University Extension Report (Mon)
8:15 am Ag Connection w/ John Gooding (Tue)
8:15 am Farm Bureau Grow w/ Young Ag Leaders (Wed / Mar - Aug)
8:25 am Illiana Bulletin Board
8:30 am Ag Weather Notes
8:35 am Birthday Bash
8:40 am Trading Post
9:00 am RFD Trading Post (Sat)
9:00 am ABC News Break
9:04 am Local & Regional News Update
9:05 am Featured Business (Mar, June, Aug,Oct)
9:05 am Hotline Interview
9:20 am Farm Bureau Crop Watcher/Harvest Watcher Reports (Wed In-Season)
9:50 am Grain & Livestock Market Report
10:00 am - 3:00 pm Midday Show w/ Darcey Smith
10:00 am ABC News Break
10:04 am Local & Regional News Update
11:00 am ABC News Break
11:04 am Local & Regional News Update
12:00 pm - 12:00 am Classic Rock (Fri)
12:00 pm ABC News Break
12:04 pm Local & Regional News/Weather w/ Carl Gerdovich
12:15 pm Gallagher Online – Mike Gallagher
12:20 pm Midday Grain & Livestock Report
12:25 pm Ag Connection w/ John Gooding (Thu)
12:25 pm Agri-Business News 1 w/ John Gooding (Mon, Wed, Fri)
12:29 pm Agri-Business News 2 w/ John Gooding (Mon, Wed, Fri)
1:00 pm ABC News Break
1:04 pm Local & Regional News Update
2:00 pm ABC News Break
2:04 pm Local & Regional News Update
2:45 pm National Farm Report w/ Orion Samuelson
2:50 pm Closing Grain & Livestock Report
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Afternoon Show w/ Rob West
3:00 pm ABC News Break
3:04 pm Local & Regional News Update
4:00 pm ABC News Break
4:04 pm Local & Regional News Update
5:00 pm ABC News Update
5:05 pm Local & Regional News & Obituaries w/ Carl Gerdovich
5:20 pm Closing Stock Market Report
5:30 pm Gallagher Online – Mike Gallagher
5:35 pm Focus on the Family

News and Weather
ABC News can be heard at the top of every hour 7 days a week
Local Weather is heard twice per hour at :04 & :40
Local News Updates heard every hour 9am - 4pm, following ABC News

ABC Sports Saturday and Sunday (All Updates are 2 minutes))
1:37p 3:37p 5:37p 7:45p