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St. Mary's new hospital name, from Provena to Presence

Presence Healthcare is the new name for what many of us had been calling Provena St. Mary’s.

And while quality healthcare is still the mission, Marketing Director Melissa Tanner says the name change has been gradual and will continue over the next several weeks.

The Kankakee hospital name change is still a work in progress. But the banner will soon read “Presence St. Mary’s Hospital.

Tanner explains a few subtle changes have been happening inside. The rolling ambulances will eventually read “Presence St. Mary’s” too.

Presence Health is the name of the healthcare system formed by the merger of St. Mary's old corporate parent, Provena Health, and its new partner, Resurrection Health Care, of Chicago. That happened in 2011. The merger is now moving forward with the name change.

Tanner said hospital officials are planning a major marketing campaign in April to introduce the new name and to completely transform its public face. A new website also will be unveiled.

The Presence Health name was chosen by the five Catholic orders of sisters who serve as the system's corporate charter.

"Presence embodies the act of being present in every moment we share with those we serve and is the cornerstone of an effective patient, resident and family-centered environment," said Sandra Bruce, Presence Health president and CEO. "It also signifies a spiritual connection, as we believe was are called to serve with a spirit of hope and healing."