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Corbett can’t be removed as Health Administrator, contractual agreements

The Ford County Board is in no hurry to act on the removal of Doug Corbett as director of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department.

A contract states Corbett is under contract and can only be removed if a disability prevents him from performing his duties OR he's convicted of a crime.

The Paxton Record, thru a FOIA request, shows Corbett's contract is in place thru November (2013) and he's protected under contract unless there's wrongdoing.

The Illinois Attorney General's office has already found no reason to pursue any alledged wrongdoing in the office.

The Ford County board Chairman Rick Bowen has said repeatedly, he sees no reason to follow through on an Iroquois County Board recommendation to remove Corbett from his post.

Meanwhile---the Ford County Health Board urges health employees to complete a survey providing their input on Corbett's status.

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