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Motorist Alert: Township Road Detour Signs Stolen

Motorists travelling in the Danforth – Douglas Township area in Iroquois County should be aware of missing detour signs in a construction zone.

Four stop signs and 2-3 detour signs alerting drivers of the road work were apparently stolen overnight (Monday). Danforth Township Road Commissioner Gary Perzee says it poses a dangerous situation, in that the road construction in the areas of 900 E and 1900 and 2000 N. roads will remain under construction for about another month.

Perzee said the stolen signs are a cost to the township. And it obviously poses a risk to the motoring public.

The road work there involves replacement of a box culvert at 1900 and 2000 N. Perzee says it'll be at least another month before that work is completed. He believes the missing signs are the result of thieves scrapping out the aluminum. Perzee questions the conscious of those responsible, the approximate $25 worth of scrap could cost someone their life in the construction zone.

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