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Vermilion County: New Nursing Home Owners Look Toward Improvements

The U-S Census count could play a factor in restoring employees at the newly-owned nursing home in Vermilion County.

Some of the earlier-announced 39 jobs lost recently at the former Vermilion Manor Nursing Home may be restored in the future. Attorney Bill Donahue is the legal advisor to the Vermilion County Board. He says FNR Healthcare Group of Skokie made the cuts because the census at the nursing home had reached an all-time low.

Donahue says the new owners decided to temporarily close two wings at the nursing home so they can be remodeled. And he adds FNR believes that once the renovations are done, the number of employees could grow to a level even higher than when the company purchased the facility.

But when asked about possible recall rights for workers who were terminated, Donahue noted they are no longer county employees. So, he adds they would have to work something out on their own.

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