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Berkot’s returning to Watseka; Cadillac grocery store in the works

Berkot's Super Foods is making a return to Watseka. And the store's coming back with a big splash and with the blessing of a longtime grocery family.

Jim and Kathy Van Natta will step away from Quality Super Market in favor of Berkot's Super Foods making a return to the same store they left not too long ago.

Jim Van Natta, who's family has carried the grocery name since 1917, says some contract language still needs to be worked out. But toward year's end, he'll step away from the family business giving his blessing to Berkot's return to Watseka.

Van Natta said a deal's being worked that's a great deal for Watseka. "It'll be good for Watseka and good for the Van Natta family," Jim told WGFA News.

Van Natta says it's the end of an era but it's all good. "This started way back with my grandmother; my dad was very involved and we're pushing this plan with the support from my mother too."

Jim's been baggin' potatoes since he was five. He and his wife, Kathy, have been in the business since 1973. Jim's dad, Bob, was active in the store until he died in 2000.

The Van Natta name and Watseka grocery store go hand-in-hand. But Jim told the Watseka City Council (Monday evening) the time's right.

Mayor Bob Harwood said the council and the community should be very pleased with the transition. It's so nice to see this happening with the 'good neighbor' policy; taking care of Quality Grocery and the employees.

The city's finance committee has given its OK to a 65-35 sales tax agreement, which equates to about $30,000 annually. An ordinance will be presented to the full City Council next week.

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