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Benton County gaining 22 new jobs >

Appalachian Railcar Services out of West Virginia, announced last week that they'll be building their newest facility in Benton County, Indiana.

The company is investing $1.4 million in leasing, constructing, and equipping the 8,000 square-foot facility in Earl Park. The company plans to bring existing rail up to industry standards. The company is going to do maintenance and storage of rail cars.

Benton County Economic Development Director, Kelly Kepner said. "Norfolk Southern had a three and a quarter mile, disconnected track and what they did is now they lease that track to ARS. Kepner said "we were the perfect fit for them."

Kepner said during the next two years, the company will provide 22 new jobs, ranging from secretarial work, to welding jobs.

"My understanding is they're going to be starting out with 8 to 10 jobs this year," Kepner explained. "I do know they already received over 40 applicants which is great. A lot of people that we are going to be needing for these jobs are going to be welders."

For an application, you can stop in the Benton County Economic Development office at the Benton County Courthouse.

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