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Appeal likely for cousins convicted of attempted murder

The Daily-Journal reports an appeal is expected for the Wade cousins, who were sentenced last week to more than 30 years each for attempted murder. The attorney for Jerrell and Jonathon Wade says his clients 25-year add-on sentences were illegal.

The Wades were convicted of shooting and nearly killing an unarmed man outside of a Kankakee barbershop. Both Jerrell and Jonathan Wade faced a mandatory 25 years in addition to their regular sentence.

Attorney John Ridge says the state never warned the Wades of the potential for extended sentences and says he plans to appeal them in Kankakee County Circuit Court.

Last week, a judge sentenced Jerrell to 39 years and Jonathan to 32 years. Ridge argues that the 25 years added on because a gun was used should be dropped. The state appears confident that a judge will uphold the sentences.

Under Illinois law, certain gun crimes carry sentences ranging from 15 years to life in prison.

The Journal reports, prosecutors must indicate in writing, when defendants face these extra years behind bars. Whether it is clear that they did in this case is under dispute.

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