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School Bus - Car collide in Gilman

There has been a car/bus crash in Gilman, and several students from Iroquois West have been sent to the hospital.

The accident happened just a short time ago on 3100 block of South Crescent Street in Gilman.

Ambulances from several surrounding communities were sent to the scene, and a few children were transported to Iroquois Memorial Hospital with what appear to be NON-life threatening injuries.

Details are still sketchy, but Gilman Police are investigating the accident, and we expect to hear from Iroquois West schools with an update soon.

(reporter Mack Berry 9/19/13)

Peggy Martin works at a gas station on the curve on US 24 near the center of town in Gilman. She said people coming into her store said the red car was in the wrong lane and the bus driver could not avoid the collision.

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