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Governor Quinn Provides Statewide Update on Response to Historic Winter Storm

Critical State Services Continue; Illinois National Guard Activated to Join Other State Emergency Responders

CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn today was joined by key state emergency officials to provide a comprehensive update on the state's response to the historic winter storm and freeze. As all critical and emergency state services continue, the Governor has also activated the Illinois National Guard to help emergency crews across the state provide assistance during the bitter cold and dangerous weather conditions, which have included a hazardous combination of black ice and snow drifts.

Since last week, the state has deployed nearly 3,700 employees and 1,755 trucks from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) statewide to address the winter weather on state routes, and 200 staff and 182 snow plows from the Illinois Tollway. The Tollway has doubled the number of Zero Weather Road Patrols to assist customers stranded in their cars during the severe weather.

Additionally, Conservation Police Officers in snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheel-drive trucks are assisting stranded motorists throughout the state and helping find missing persons.

"The state of Illinois has mobilized all resources to keep residents safe while continuing to provide critical state services," Governor Quinn said. "We are facing a dangerous combination of low temperatures, black ice and snow drifts."

"I want to recognize the heroism of our state's first-responders and emergency personnel who have been working throughout the night and day to rescue motorists and provide critical services and assistance in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable," the Governor said.

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