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Cloonen Pushes For Tougher DUI law

KANKAKEE, IL –In an effort to prevent harm to children and motorists, state Representative Kate Cloonen introduced a bill that would increase penalties on drunk drivers when children are passengers in the vehicle.

"We must safeguard our children and other motorists from dangerous threats such as drunk drivers," Cloonen said. "The goal is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads. This sends a strong message that driving intoxicated, especially while traveling with children, will not be tolerated."

Cloonen is the chief sponsor of House Bill 5797 which would make the first offense for driving under the influence, while carrying a child, a factor in a charge of aggravation. It will also provide that the first conviction of aggravated driving under the influence will require the installation of a Breathalyzer key ignition device, rather than the second conviction as mandated in previous legislation.      {submitted}