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Kankakee murder suspect arrested in Wisconsin

Police in Racine, Wisconsin took a Kankakee murder suspect into custody this week.

19-year-old Rachard (Ruh-Shard) Butler was jailed Thursday in Racine. He was waiting to be brought back to Kankakee to face murder charges for the shooting death of Kenneth Groves last November.

The Racine WI Police Department in cooperation with ‎the Kankakee Police Department arrested Butler on a ‎warrant for the November 23, 2013 murder of Groves. ‎ Groves was killed after being shot at a house party in the 300 block of S. ‎Evergreen Ave.

Working from evidence recovered from the scene and witness ‎information the Kankakee Police quickly identified Butler as the suspect, and ‎received a warrant for his arrest. ‎

Working from information provided by the Kankakee Police Department, Racine Police were able ‎to identify Butler and took him into custody during a traffic stop.

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