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Senator Barickman Meets with Paxton-Buckley-Loda Students

Paxton – State Senator Jason Barickman(R-Bloomington) visited PBL Junior and Senior High Schools Thursday, to hear from the students and let them know what their leaders in Springfield are working on this session.

"These bright young students may not be eligible to vote quite yet," said Barickman. "But they have just as much of a stake in state government as their parents." Barickman added, "The votes we take this spring on topics like school funding and higher education will play a major role in the opportunities they have to succeed in life."

Barickman addressed major issues including school funding, MAP Grants, and the Illinois economy. But he also took questions and comments from the students, to find out what concerns them right now.
"We need to engage these young minds in the process of state government now," said Barickman, "So that they remain involved and active in ensuring Illinois has the right leaders in the future."

The range of questions included everything from what his positions are issues, to his favorite part of being a Senator, and even what type of car he drives.

"It was good," said Junior Kade Hill, "Very informative relating what we learned here in government class to what really happens."

"We learned a lot, like how he grew up," said 8th grader Emma Fleming, "You'd think a politician is someone that acts different, but he's just a regular guy."      {article submitted}

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