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Construction season hampers businesses

Blocked streets, lack of available parking, and noise are all signs the summer construction season is underway. It's an annual nuisance that drivers don't like. And local businesses can feel the impact.

In Watseka, construction barriers have North 3rd and North 4th Streets closed to traffic. Before this, it was North 2nd Street.

Add to the frustration the huge pot-holes yet to repaired. And dwindling funds at the local and state level mean quick-fixes aren't likely.

Despite the grumbling citizens and motorists now, it'll be all smiles when the routes are back open and smoother travels – because pot-holes are patched.

Downtown friendly Main streets aren't so friendly at the present. Business owners tell you traffic is slow. But in time, that frustration will be all good again.

{several municipal routes are also construction in area communities}.

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