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Mayors put positive spin on Kankakee County

The mayoral theme was in unison Thursday in Bourbonnais.

Four Kankakee County mayors all had good things to say about what's going on in their community and the county. And they hope and wish the rest of the people would see the "good" too. Even the media.

Bradley Mayor Bruce Adams encouraged the media to tell the good story too, not just the negative events that often relay the message that this is not a nice place to be around. He told a luncheon audience of the Kankakee County Young Professionals group "all the mayors of the respective towns respect each other, what's going in those towns" and the jobs can feed each other.

"No matter who lands the business or jobs, we all gain from it," Adams said.

And Mayor Bob Malchowski invites everyone to help feed his dragons in Grant Park, he also says we need to feed off each other.

Kankakee Mayor Nina Epstein had great news too. A contract's been signed to study and re-develop the city's east side off exit 312 from I-57. And the press is on with a river-front development project that'' enhance the area behind Presence St.Mary's Hospital heading back to the McBroom Bridge at Washington Street.

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