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Congressman Kinzinger says Immigration bill would not have fixed border crisis

WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, said House Republicans and President Obama could be close to a deal to address security at U.S. borders.

Kinzinger told WJBC's Scott Laughlin, the U.S. needs more strict border controls to prevent the ongoing rush of thousands of children, who are fleeing danger in their homelands.

"You have to have compassion for the human element of this, which I do," Kinzinger said. "Parents of kids in war zones in very dangerous countries want them to be safe and we have to understand that. But on the same taken, as a sovereign nation, we have a right to determine our immigration policy."

The president wants $3.7 billion to combat the influx of immigrants, but has expressed willingness to accept ways that would make it easier to deport children from countries outside Canada and Mexico.

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