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Illinois House votes to free funds for municipalities

Local municipalities, domestic violence shelters, local 9-1-1 centers, and lottery winners are the intended recipients of almost $2 million the House passed Wednesday afternoon. Most of the money is from dedicated funds, including motor fuel tax collections and lottery ticket sales.

The domestic violence money comes from about $28 million in general revenue dollars, and Republican State Rep. David Harris made an issue of it.

"It is general revenue," he said. "So we can appropriate general revenue; my point being that we have this budget problem, but, oh, we can appropriate general revenue."
The sponsor, House Majority Leader, Democrat Barbara Flynn Currie, had a ready answer: "Much of what is in this bill was requested by the governor himself."

Harris and most of the other Republicans were holding their noses as they voted for the bill, but the governor said later that's the nature of compromise; everybody finds something not to like.

The Senate is back Monday to consider it.SB 2039 has passed the House, 107-1-1.    {IRN}

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