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Crime stats positive for Kankakee

New crime statistics for the city of Kankakee are encouraging. Burglary and theft cases are reported to be at 30-year lows. The number of robberies are down, the 2nd lowest in that same 30-year period. These are 2015 numbers.

Police Chief Larry Regnier reports the overall numbers are some 76% below than numbers from the 2000's.

Chief Regnier says it's a hats-off to citizens and officers. The police staff answers the calls, but it's also the citizens taking the time and being concerned to make the calls and report crime.

Auto theft numbers were up ...by 28%. But the chief said many of those cases could have been prevented. Many of them had the keys left with the vehicle.

Homicides were down one-half from what they were in 2014, The murder rate is still high, down less than one-percent when compared to a 10-year average.

Law enforcement continues to focus on the un-acceptable high numbers when it comes to gunplay.

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