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Correction: State Police DUI accident report…

It was a Martinton man... 63-year-old Thomas Frogge...who was charged by Illinois State Police for drunken driving, not Stephanie Brattin of Donovan ----AS REPORTED EARLIER.

94.1 WGFA / 96.9 – 1360 WIBK received in-correct information from the state police concerning a Wednesday traffic accident on Illinois Route 52 at 2200 E in Iroquois County.

The ISP accident report in-correctly identified the wrong drivers of the vehicles involved.

The two vehicle crash involved Thomas Frogge failing to stop at a stop sign at 2200 E. His pickup struck the car driven by Stephanie Brattin. It was Brattin who was treated at Riverside Hospital for injuries –NOT FROGGE, as reported earlier.

And Frogge was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and cited for failure to yield at a step intersection.

94.1 WGFA