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Former addict addresses Watseka community about hope

It’s all about not pointing a finger, but instead finding solutions, and talking about the problem.

That word (Wed) from Tim Ryan, a recovered heroin addict who now delivers words of wisdom to individuals, families, students and community leaders about the drive to rehabilitate and find solutions to community drug problems.

Ryan told a gathering at WCHS “it’s about a caring attitude, not pointing fingers and finding workable solutions.” He said too often, people pretend there’s not a problem and blame others.

He also says the judicial system needs to know and understand addiction is a disease --- putting people in jail doesn’t help the situation. Community leaders need to expose the problem and find a solution.

Ryan is a well-traveled recovered addict. He was in Iroquois County as a sponsored guest of the Iroquois County health dept, the Iroquois Mental Health Center and the Iroquois County Coalition for Change.

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