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Public urges Ford County Board to strengthen wind-farm rules

The public wants more teeth in the rules for wind-farms in Ford County. Monday night, the Ford County Board members heard from citizens who say there’s a need to increase the minimum distance that wind turbines can be located from homes.

The board earlier, placed a moratorium on granting any future wind farm permits until the county’s permit ordinance, established in 2009, is reviewed and updated.

Problems with television interference for residents living within the footprint of the Kelly Creek Wind Farm in the northern part of Ford County prompted the county board to implement its existing moratorium on approval of further special-use permits for wind farms.

Rogers Township Road Commissioner Leo Weber also said there remain issues with the repair of roads used in constructing the Kelly Creek Wind Farm.

Weber tells the Ford County Record “We have a meeting set up to go back to our attorney to assess what our next steps will be, and we look to the board to get any support they can extend our way to get this resolved.”

Weber said the owner of the Kelly Creek Wind Farm — EDF Renewable Energy — has “failed to uphold the road-use agreement” it made with his township and others.

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