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Kankakee County drug arrests result in grand jury indictments

Two residents of Mexico stopped on I-57 in Kankakee November 7th now face indictments for trafficking controlled substances.

A grand jury indicted Pedro Vazquez-Salas and Jose Garcia...BOTH OF Nuevo Laredo, MX...for unlawful control substance trafficking, and for unlawful possession with intent to deliver. The men were stopped by State Police at the south exit of I-57. Their rig had over $3-million dollars worth of drugs hidden in the contents.

Also indicted was Tommy Lindsey of Kankakee for unlawful possession of cannabis. Clarissa Moore of Kankakee faces indictment for unlawful possession of a controlled substance‚ÄĒcocaine. She was arrested November 14th.

Kody Sallee of Pembroke Township was also indicted by the grand jury for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance near a park. He reportedly delivered fentanyl, heroin and cocaine to a confidential source. In a separate case, Sallee was indicted for criminal damage to property, aggravated fleeing & alluding and driving while suspended.

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