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River Valley Metro reaching out during cold weather….

River Valley Metro (RVM) buses provide valuable transportation on a daily basis. But when extreme cold weather settles in, buses also serve as warming centers. And it’s FREE to jump onboard and escape from the bitter cold.

Rides on all local River Valley Metro buses were free due to extreme cold for 16 of 24 days beginning the day after Christmas. Rides are free on any day when the wind chill, or “Feels Like” temperature is below zero.

While every winter has a few bitterly cold days, this frequency of free days in such a short period of time is unprecedented. As a public service agency, the safety of area residents is a primary concern for River Valley Metro. Officials are pleased to be able to offer buses as free warming stations for those who have this need.

And, as summer soon approaches, RVM will offer free rides on days when the ‘Feels Like’ temperature exceeds 100 degrees so that our buses can be used as free cooling stations.

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