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Area State Legislators differ on budget address

Following Governor Bruce Rauner’s budget address (Wed), reaction was spit along party lines. However, some Republicans also pointed to problems with the Governor’s proposal and how property taxes will be affected.

Democratic State Senator Scott Bennett stated: “Once again, I heard little in the budget address to make me believe that the governor has come to understand the importance of education and a willingness to turn the tide and stand up for our local schools, colleges and universities. His proposed budget only adds financial pressure on schools and universities that have already been starved and endured three years of chaos and uncertainty during the budget stalemate that he created.”

Republican State Senator Jason Barickman offered more-favored comment of the speech saying “The Governor’s proposed budget offered a roadmap for what will be required to enact a balanced spending plan for the next fiscal year.

Everyone has been saying for years that we need to change the way the state spends money and this proposal does just that. But make no mistake, however we move forward on a budget, there will be some very tough decisions to make.”

Senator Toi Hutchinson said the budget ‘acknowledges the devastating impact the past three years of chaos in Illinois.’ She said fewer working families are taking advantage of child care assistance to further their education and fewer people suffering from mental illness are getting care while fewer citizens are receiving life-saving treatment for addictions.

Senator Sue Rezin said difficult bi-partisan decisions must be made to achieve financial success...

Republican state reps, Tom Bennett and Lindsay Parkhurst were encouraged by the message, calling for both sides to work together.

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