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Kankakee County Board considers solar farm project Tuesday

It’s been controversial, but the solar farm proposal at the edge of Momence is on today’s agenda for the Kankakee County Board. The matter could be tabled for further discussion, but the project has been given a green light by the Kankakee County Zoning Board and a planning committee.

Momence officials are against the project at the corner of Vincennes Trail and 4000 N Road. A village plan has that site designated for future residential development.

Wisconsin-based Sun Vest has asked that the property be changed in zoning from residential to agriculture. The company wants a special-use permit.

Bradley solar farm talk ---

Solar farm proposed for Village of Bradley opposed
Bradley Mayor Bruce Adams is not in favor of a proposed solar farm on the drawing board of Cypress Creek. The solar company wants to develop a solar operation near Armour Road, east of I-57. It’s near the eastern boundary of the village.

It too, is targeted for residential development.
Mayor Adams doesn’t feel it’s the best use for that site. He plans to oppose the solar farm at a future County zoning meeting (Sept 17th).

Solar farm talks in Iroquois County ---

Later this month, the Iroquois County Zoning Board of Appeals will consider two solar energy projects.

Two sites, one near Beaverville and another near the edge of Watseka, are being looked at the solar firm --- Microgrid Energy.

The local board may be considering a building permit fee to be included with the county ordinance.

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