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IMH Resident Home celebrates 60th Anniversary

It was the first nursing home to be attached to a hospital. And today, 60 years later, The Iroquois Resident Home in Watseka continues to thrive.

The IMH Resident Home gathered with friends and supporters (Friday) to celebrate 60 years.

The door was first opened on S. 4th Street September 6, 1958. The cost then was $850,000.

IMH Vice-Pres and Resident Home Administrator Jeff Petersen says in addition to the professional services offered, a proud accomplishment is the number of patients who return home .......

“One of the benefits of all the services we provide, when it comes to therapy, we have marked improvement in the number of patients who return to home,” Petersen said. “People get to return home to family or their own home after completing needed therapy.”

In 2015, U.S. News & World Report named IMH Resident Home one of the top nursing facilities in the country.

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