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Dr. Jennifer Ash speaks on Lifetime TV

Dr. Jennifer Ash will appear on Lifetime TV's Access Health program at 6:30 am tomorrow (2/13) and again Wednesday (2/20). The program is titled "Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms".

Trivascular approached Dr. Ash (a Crescent City native) to serve as Advisory Board Chairperson of the study called "The Lucy Study", the first prospective study evaluating endovascular aneursym repair in a female population.

Information and details about the Lucy Study can be found by Googling the subject. Dr. Ash authored an article about the Lucy Study in Endovascular Today, January 2018 (evtoday.com).

Dr. Ash, an accomplished vascular surgeon, has traveled all over the Nation, and London and Australia speaking on the subject at vascular meetings and conferences.

Dr. Jen is the daughter of Pam Ash of Crescent City.

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