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Iroquois Board recommends State Ag Department go-ahead with 3 livestock operations near Stockland

The Iroquois County Board (Tuesday) voted to approve construction of three livestock management facilities. All three, near Stockland, are subject to final approval from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
Parks Livestock would operate the facilities….known as E-4, E-5 and E-6. Two were approved on 13-6 votes while the E-6 facility gained a 12-7 vote approval. The final site raised some concern about road conditions. It’s subject to getting worked out with the County Highway Department. …..

That’s County Board Chairman John Shure. He had concern about the wear-and- tear on the one route that will need to be ironed out with the developers and County Highway Engineer Joel Moore.

Comments against the livestock operations centered on infringing on neighbors ---smell, unforseen tax advantages, road wear, wells drying up,  --- all legitimate issues. But are we an Ag county or do we need to pursue other growth ? That may be another matter to tackle. But Shure says it’ll take new discussions.
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