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Six-year prison term for Meth case in Kankakee

A guilty plea in Kankakee Circuit Court (Tuesday) by 19 year old Yisel Varela for possession of drugs lands the young Kankakee woman in prison for six-years. State’s Attorney Jim Rowe says hopefully this serves as a lesson for young adults – to stay away from drugs and those who deal them. If not—Rowe says—you could find yourself going down a path that will negatively impact your life……..

"This sentence may seem harsh, but choices have consequences," State's Attorney Jim Rowe said. "  Hopefully this opens the eyes of young adults in our county.  If you deal with drugs or with people who do, you can expect time in prison."

Varela plead guilty to possession of Crystal methamphetamine, a class x felony, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison after maintaining her innocence since her arrest last year. The arrest came shortly after Varela graduated from High School. Kankakee county officials say Varela admitted to knowing what was in the package that contained two pounds meth and seven pounds of marijuana with a street value of over 100,000 dollars. She also admitted to assisting in the planning of the delivery. Investigators are still trying to establish probable cause to indict Varela’s boyfriend, who was also believed to have been involved. KAMEG agents arrested the Kankakee woman in a raid in July of last year at a home in the 500 block of South Lincoln in Kankakee.

Rowe said the plea brings to a close the case of a young woman who had just graduated high school and now finds herself headed to prison instead of college because of her choice to get involved in criminal activity. Varela had no criminal background, but Rowe said ‘choices have consequences.’

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