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Iroquois County Board OK’s FY2020 budget

Iroquois County’s posted-budget for 2020 was given the green light today (Tues) by the County Board. Chairman John Shure says it’s all lookin’ good………..

"The budget has been available for review the last month.  There's been no questions or objects, so this vote today was a formaility," Shure said. "We're projecting revenues at $5,494, 579. 50.  That's a nice end-result.  We start off in the red based on departments asking for more money than we can give....so when it's all done we finish in the black."

Shure likes to refer to the budget-plan as a road plan. It doesn’t always work exactly, but it’s a plan to stay on course. The chairman said funding will come into play for future capital projects, but it’s all ok going into the new fiscal year in December.

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