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Rep. Haas react to police reform bill

. These are bills that fundamentally change policing and how public safety may intervene with those who break the law and cause harm to you and your families.

The original 611-page document was presented just days ago. Now, over 700 pages were dropped in legislators’ laps in the early morning hours with several new amendments with no time to review before taking action. This bill presented far too many changes to the criminal justice system, while law enforcement and others enforcing our laws could not offer their invaluable input. Worse, legislators were cut short on debate to understand the implications of these sweeping changes fully."

Hass added, "We can recognize there is room for improvement. However, our police need to be involved to ensure we are making the improvements that will allow our police officers to be effective and keep our communities safe.”

The bill was passed on a 6-50 vote.  It's headed to the Governor.  Also voting against the measure were Representatives Tom Bennett, Mike Marron and Dan Brady.

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