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Clove Alliance: New name for KC-CASA and ISAS

KC-CASA and ISAS will now be known as Clove Alliance. The new branding is about HOPE and HEALING. to better reflect the sense of safety, clarity and commitment offered to survivors of sexual violence every day.
The organization felt that the new brand needed to be clearer and more inclusive — accessible to survivors in need and recognizable for community referrals.

“It was becoming clear that our name no longer represented what we did,” explained Tracey Noe-Slach, executive director of Clove Alliance, of the expansion into more counties over time. “We began the process of rebranding with hopefully being more accessible to survivors.”

The organization works with residents in Kankakee, Iroquois and Ford counties, and their mission states,

“at Clove Alliance, we provide hope and healing to survivors of sexual violence by improving the quality of services for survivors, assisting in their recovery and working towards the elimination of sexual violence.”

The same as before, Clove Alliance exists for hope and healing and the new name takes the mission a step further. The name change was done not only to simplify and encapsulate all area served, but it also has deeper meaning.
A clove is a plant bud, representing new beginnings and the ability to weather hardship; a warm, comforting spice with four segments. Clove Alliance has four primary segments: advocacy, counseling, prevention and the survivor.
An alliance, meanwhile, is a coalition of people working together in pursuit of a shared goal — the organization has been an alliance on the side of survivors since day one. The mission and services will remain the same with the rebrand.

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