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Pork May Get Cheaper

Beef is Expensive but pork supplies are up and producers are sending animals to market at an accelerated rate.  Here's more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/19712.mp3{/audio}

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Farmers Optimistic, Agribusiness Worried According to DTN Survey


Farmers are known to be optimistic, even in tough times.  Agribusiness is known to be cautious and often negative about the future.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, Reports on a survey that proves the point: {audio}images/stories/29512.mp3{/audio}
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Hurricane Isaac Takes Economic Toll On Louisiana Agriculture


The first reports on economic damage to louisiana agriculture are coming in.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, is tracking the aftermath of the storm and the economic issues it has caused: {audio}images/stories/19512.mp3{/audio}
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Record Crops in Louisiana May Wash Away


 This in not going to be a good day along the Gulf Coast.  Hurricane Isaac is beating down on all things in Louisiana and the state will endure it's pounding for many more hours.  WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, has some perspective on the storm and how all the work of a year can be trashed by one natural event: {audio}images/stories/182912.mp3{/audio}
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Ethanol Industry Confronts Governors over Renewable Fuel Standard


The groundswell of political opposition to mandating ethanol be used in gasoline blending this year may be like Hurricane Isaac against crops in the field.  Nevertheless, officials of the ethanol industry are standing up and pleading their case.  Here's more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/282912.mp3{/audio}

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