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Statement from Governor Pat Quinn on Senate Committee Passage of Senate Bill 1002

Bill Would Ban Sale of High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines

SPRINGFIELD - Governor Pat Quinn today released the following statement regarding the passage of Senate Bill 1002 out of the Illinois Senate Executive Committee. Governor Quinn has been working to enact this common sense public safety policy since July 2012:

“Today, we took the first step towards banning the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines in Illinois, which will make our communities safer. By adopting Senate Bill 1002, Illinois would join 10 other states across the country that put reasonable restrictions on the size of these weapons.

“Over the past two days we have heard first-hand about the horrifying damage that high-capacity ammunition magazines can inflict. I am incredibly grateful to the Sandy Hook Elementary parents who have traveled to Illinois to share their stories and lend their voices to this important mission. We must work together on responsible gun laws to help ensure that what happened in Tucson, Ariz., Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. does not ever happen here.

“I thank the members of the Senate Executive Committee for advancing this measure today. I urge members of both houses to take up this common sense public safety policy in the days to come.”

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Barickman Calls for Hearing on Controversial Quinn Appointee

SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) joined fellow Senators Monday calling for a confirmation hearing on Dr. David Gill’s nomination to become the Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Senators Darin LaHood (R-Peoria), Sam McCann (R-Carlinville), Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon), and Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) called on the Senate Executive Appointments Committee to hear testimony from Dr. Gill about the circumstances of his appointment and his qualifications for the position.

Gill, of Bloomington, is a four-time Congressional candidate who had openly stated he was considering another run for office. But the appointment came just days before a preferred candidate announced her intentions to run for the seat. The IDPH position pays more than $127,000 per year.

Under the state constitution, Gill's appointment must be reviewed and voted on by the Senate. However, the committee charged with responsibility for reviewing the Governor's appointments held its last hearing Monday and did not include Gill on the list of appointees to be reviewed. By failing to place Gill on the list for the final meeting of the Senate's Executive Appointments Committee, the Governor and Senate Democrats were able to shield Gill from review before the legislature adjourns at the end of May. Barickman joined his fellow Senators in calling for the Governor and majority Democrats to allow a hearing on Gill's appointment.

“Dr. Gill is my constituent, and he has asked me to sponsor his appointment,” said Senator Barickman. “But, as long as he, the Governor, and the Senate Democratic leadership refuse to put him forward for a public hearing, he won’t have my support.”

Barickman says the state constitution gives the Senate the duty to advise and consent on the Governor’s appointments to major positions.

“We’re not asking for a special hearing on Dr. Gill’s appointment,” he said. “We simply believe that transparency and openness belong in state government. Dr. Gill should be vetted by the Senate and voted on by the Senate. It is in the best interest of taxpayers if we do.”

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Missing Juvenile in Kankakee

Missing Juvenile: Dominique Ferguson, 14 year old black female, 5'05", 150 pounds. Missing from Kankakee and may be in the company of her mother, Lakesha Howard, somewhere in Chicago near Ohio and Hamlin. Dominique came to Kankakee from Florida, where she lives with her father. Once here, she was reported missing by her grandfather and father. Anyone with information about Dominique is asked to contact their local police department.

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Dead Birds Needed by Health Department

The Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department is asking for assistance from the public in the collection of dead birds found in Ford and Iroquois counties. "Since West Nile virus arrived in Illinois at the end of the summer of 2001, dead birds have been important sentinels for early West Nile virus activity," said Terry Eimen, Environmental Health Director for the health department. "We are looking for "perching birds" such as crows, blue jays, starlings, robins, cardinals, mockingbirds, catbirds, and grackles. Also many species of sparrows, finches, flycatchers, swallows, warblers and wrens will be accepted for testing."

Mr. Eimen said submitted birds should be believed dead less than 24 hours. Birds should only be submitted if they have not been damaged by scavenging animals and are not decomposed. Birds that have an obvious cause of death such as a gunshot wound or that have been hit by motor vehicles are not eligible for testing. Residents who find dead birds should double bag them in plastic bags (plastic bags that seal are best). Citizens should collect and then take them to the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department offices at 235 North Taft Street in Paxton or at 114 North Third Street in Watseka.

For more information regarding collection of dead birds, contact Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department Environmental Staff at 815-432-2483.

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Kankakee Police issue Missing – Endangered Person report

Missing Person Endangered: Altovise A. Drew is a 32 year old black female (photo attached) who is 5’07”, 120 pounds, black hair and brown eyes. Ms. Drew has epileptic seizures, is considered mentally disabled and is slightly paralyzed on the right side of her body. She was last seen wearing a black dress with tights. Her family believes she may have met someone online and may be trying to go to Chicago. Anyone with information is asked to contact their local police department.

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