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U.S. Grains Council Names New President


The U.S. Grains Council, an export policy and promotion organization that works with many commodity organizations, has just named a new president.  Here is more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/262712.mp3{/audio}
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WTO to decide whether U.S. Country of Origin labeling hurts Canada and Mexico


Should U.S. consumers know the country that grew the food they are comsuming?  Does that information present a trade barrier?  WGFA national farm broadcaster, Ken Root, is following a pending decision by the World Trade Organization that will determine the fate of COOL: {audio}images/stories/162712.mp3{/audio}
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U.S. Wants Russia to Enter World Trade Organization


There is a effort to bring Russia into normal trade relations with countries around the world.  WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, says U.S. leaders seem many advantages from Russia achieveing the same status as other countries: {audio}images/stories/162512.mp3{/audio}
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Senate Passes Farm Bill, Turns to House to Match their Feat


The Senate Passage of the 2012 Farm bill in just 2 1/2 days of major debate has now caught House Leaders off guard and had them scrambling to see if the same is possible in their body.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster Ken Root is following the battles that the House will face to bring a bill through the system by August: {audio}images/stories/262512.mp3{/audio}
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XL Pipeline Facing Lawsuit In Nebraska

We haven't heard much about the controversial XL Pipeline that Congress attempted to build and the President vetoed early this year.  There is a case pending in Nebraska that could be the keystone to getting it constructed.  Here's more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster,  Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/16412.mp3{/audio}