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Freedom of Information Act request filed against Iroquois County Board members; improper email use alleged

Iroquois County Board member Chad McGinnis says he’s all about government transparency, and he’s “tired of behind the scenes and back-door actions” of some county board members.

McGinnis (Tuesday) requested FOIA documentation, asking for emails from other county board members. McGinnis is led to believe county board chairman John Shure, ETSB Chairman Charlie Alt and Judicial & Public Safety committee members are using personal emails to skirt the laws of the Open Meetings Act and Local Records Act.

McGinnis claims by not using their official government emails, the said elected-officials are conducting illegal meetings.

McGinnis has also included in his FOIA request the Edgar County Watchdogs, a two-man team that waves its flag about pointing out illegal and improper government actions. The Watchdogs have relentlessly pointed fingers at Iroquois County government and alleged wrongdoing.
McGinnis insists he has no issues with the Edgar County Watchdogs, and it’s his hope, they will partner with him to expose those conducting government business using personal email as a means to evade the Open Meetings Act and Local records Act.

McGinnis adds, it’s a common practice of government officials using personal email to evade the public right-to-know and it certainly was a key issue in Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and her use of personal email.

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Bicycle crash in Iroquois County

An 18-year-old teen from Ford County was ticketed by Illinois State Police after the bicycle he was operating (Monday) was hit by a passing car on Route 45 in Iroquois County.

David Craft of Melvin was cited for Improper Operation of a Bicycle on a Roadway. Polcie report Craft was riding the bike southbound near County Road 1600 N at about 8:40 pm. 46-year-old James Kilby of Danforth was driving his car, also southbound, when he struck the bicycle. Craft was treated for a minor injury.

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New board members seated in Kankakee County

Two new members were seated on the Kankakee County Board at today’s (Tues) meeting. Ron Kinzinger and Dave Douda were sworn-in.

County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler calls both men excellent choices, who will prove to be valuable members. Wheeler calls both strong community members.

Douda represents District 6, serving the Manteno area. Kinzinger is a local businessman and an uncle to Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Kinzinger is a contractor with ties to the engineering and construction world. Douda is a former Chief Operating Officer for Riverside Hospital.

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Animal Control matters prompt closed session of Iroquois County Board

Management practices with the Animal Control Department forced Iroquois County members into an executive session today (Tues). The issue, and discussions about a solar energy ordinance and the bidding process for the County Farm operations, extended the 9 am meeting well past the noon hour.

(The meeting was still in session just before 1 pm)
Alleged irregularities in Animal Control has stirred comments and a look-see investigation of how matters are handled in the animal control procedures.

Board member Larry Hasbargen raised the issue during public comment at the meeting, electing to take the matter into closed session. Board member and Tax Committee Chairman Marvin Stichnoth had suggested the Board take formal action in giving Animal Control Administrator Youseff a vote of confidence, after Stichnoth said he took a first-hand look at the operations at Yoseff’s business site in Watseka.

Hasbargen, last month, had raised questions after hearing of allegations of dogs not being treated correctly.

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First Responders praised in Iroquois County ceremony

The Ashkum Fire Department hosted Iroquois County’s 6th annual First Responder Appreciation Celebration Monday evening.

The event recognizes the September 11th attack on America. Similar programs were held across the country to honor first-responders, including the military, police and fire and EMS personnel. The annual event is sponsored by the Iroquois County Republican Women’s Club.

Ashkum Fire Chief Jeff Glenn and Senator Jason Barickman spoke, sharing stories of community involvement and dedicated volunteers who answer the calls when the public is in need.

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