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Milford-native Colleen Callahan preps for Presidential transition

With a change in presidential administrations just two months away, politically appointed leaders within the U.S. Department of Agriculture are swapping out.

Director for USDA Rural Development Colleen Callahan is getting ready to move on and says Rural Development was able to invest about $1 billion during the Obama Administration, impacting hundreds of thousands of producers.

Those producers now are in business to add value to the local foods market by 2019, which is expected to be a $20 billion value.
She says the Obama administration had four pillars: production agriculture, biobased economy, conservation, and local food systems. Those pillars influenced how they invested money.

While there's uncertainty in how the USDA will change, the staff in offices around the country will stay the same and the ongoing programs will stick around for now.

Callahan says, "A new administration will come in and they'll create their own identity and they'll have their own initiatives. But in the mean time, while we are under a continuing resolution financially and until that gets extended or until there is a full budget that has been approved it really will be business as usual so it will stay the same until it changes."

Callahan adds, looking back, Illinois and Iowa have specifically benefited from Rural Development's value added producer grant, which is designed to help local agriculture producers process or market their food.                                                  {re-printed from USDA Rural Development}

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Daily-Journal's investigative reporter, Jon Krenek, dies at 46

Jon Krenek, a longtime reporter for the Daily Journal who headed the newspaper's investigations team and championed its watchdog role in the community, died Tuesday afternoon after a brief and sudden battle with a rare, degenerative brain disease. He was 46.

Krenek first joined the Journal in 2001 before he began winning awards for his relentless reporting on public housing, education, unemployment, teen driver safety, unsolved murders, and the environment.

In 2003, the Illinois Press Association awarded Krenek a first-place prize for community service for his reporting on Kankakee Housing Authority tenants living without hot water.

The Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awarded him another first-place prize, this time for his series on sex offenders living in the area. His most recent investigation preceded the indictment of the head of the Kankakee Valley Park District, Roy Collins, who is accused of fraud and theft.

The list would continue, and Krenek operated on the basic journalistic tenet: The people's right to know.

Len R. Small, publisher of the Daily Journal and president of SNG, said: "Investigative reporting represents at once the most challenging and the most important part of journalism, and we were fortunate to have Jon as our standard bearer."

He was diagnosed in early October with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which afflicts one in 1 million people worldwide each year. His family plans on donating his brain to a research center.

{reprinted from Daily-Journal}

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Chicago woman killed in Kankakee County crash

A car and a semi truck-tractor collided at Route 1/17 and County Road 500 N in Kankakee County Monday, killing the car’s driver.

23-year-old Rachel Gray turned left into the path of the freightliner, according to Illinois State Police. Gray was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was not injured.

The accident happened just before 2:30 pm.

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Arrest made in murder of Milford Restaurant owner

An investigation has led to an arrest of a 19-year-old Milford teen for the weekend shooting death of a restaurant owner in Milford. Randy White is jailed in Iroquois County on a one-million dollar bond.

He was arrested by sheriff’s police and Milford police Monday night. Police executed a search warrant at a Milford residence where White was staying.

Crime scene technicians processed items collected at the murder scene and at the residence.

35-year-old Jesus “Jesse” Cintora was found dead about a block away from his restaurant. He had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Police say authorities were called out just after 2 am Sunday about a burglary in process at the Milford Family Restaurant. When officers arrived just about a minute after the call, they discovered Cintora’s body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Milford restaurant owner found murdered

Tragedy in Milford...a burglary leads to a homicide investigation.

Iroquois County Sheriff’s Police, Milford Police, Illinois State Police office and the Iroquois County Coroner’s Office are investigating the weekend murder of a Milford restaurant owner.

It happened Sunday morning in the downtown business district. Sheriff’s deputies and Milford police were called to a burglary in progress at 2:am. at the Milford Family Restaurant. That’s in the 100-block of E. Jones Street.

The restaurant owner, 35-year-old Jesus Cintora was already on his way to the business, according to reports from the sheriff’s department.

Police discovered the building had been entered. They also found Mr. Cintora’s vehicle on the north side of the restaurant.

Police reported they found no one inside the building. Then then searched the area and found a man on the ground about one block north of the restaurant. The man was identified as Cintora. He had suffered a gunshot wound. Cintora was pronounced dead at the scene.

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