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#9 School Superintendent Lee accepts new position

Watseka Unit Nine School Superintendent Kenneth Lee tendered his resignation Friday.

The six-year school leader in Iroquois County has accepted a new superintendent's post in Grundy County. His new position begins July 1 in the Minooka Community High School District #111.

The Minooka district has an enrollment of 2800 students.

The Unit Nine School Board accepted the resignation at a special meeting Friday afternoon. Lee's resignation is effective June 30th.

Kenny Lee tells WGFA's (Carl Gerdovich) the move is a career advancement after the last six years in Watseka .........

"I'm excited about the opportunity but it's also a bittersweet moment. I've enjoyed every day in Unit Nine and I thank the Board of Education for this opportunity in 2010, " Lee said. "It's been a challenge."

Lee said he appreciates all the community support he's received and for the school board and teachers' support in doing what's best for the students. He said it's important to point out that he's thankful for the courage in making difficult, unpopular decisions when needs are identified.

Lee is a 1994 graduate of PBL High School. He spent 11 years in the education system in Normal (IL) before accepting the superintendent job in Watseka.

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MAPS #124 School Board accepts construction bids

A 6-0 vote by the Milford Area Public School (MAPS #124) District Board of Education Friday is moving the new school construction project forward.

In special session, the board accepted the latest bids for the project. Construction of the new high school and grade school remodeling project should be underway in the next couple weeks, according to Superintendent Dale Hastings (Hey- stings).

Hastings said there was a public question about the project being smaller than first presented. Hastings said "it's not smaller...the specs are all the same, same square footage; there were material changes only to save money."

Equipment could be in place over the next two weeks. Earth work may be started in 3-4 weeks.

Milford area voters approved the $17-million construction period in a building referendum in 2015.

94.1 WGFA

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Kankakee YMCA welcomes conference attendees Saturday

The Kankakee YMCA is hosting the Y Service Clubs International Mid-America Regional Leadership conference today (Saturday). Attendees will include about three-dozen people from YMCA groups across the Midwest.

The conference begins at 10 am. It runs 'til about 1:30 pm.

Representatives from St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and Kankakee are expected. This marks the first time in many years that Kankakee is serving as host.

Agenda items for the meeting includes YMCA future goals.

The public is welcome. If interested, contact Kay Linder at 815-932-1603 or 815-932-9762.

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California firm buys Indiana Beach, looks forward to 2016 fun in Monticello

Indiana Beach marketing director Don Hurd says the plan is to put a 'new light, some sparkle' back in place at Monticello, Indiana's attraction.

California-based Apex Parks Group bought Indiana Beach last fall. Since then, the grounds are being spruced up. Millions of dollars have been spent to restore the 90-year-old theme park.

And besides all the cosmetic work, White County Commissioner President John Heimlich said the work has included rebuilding the theme park's reputation....as a fun community place, a family-fun place.

Everything's getting a make-over before the park re-opens in May.

Hurd points out, 'were not just a tourist fun-place, we offer summer jobs. The park needs to fill 900 positions and wants to hire locally.

Both Heimlich and Hurd believe the new park will stimulate the economy.

A new theme for the park is "Where Families Flock for Fun."

The park plans to open for its 90th anniversary season May 27.

Employees are needed. A job fair is planned Saturday (3/5) from 9 am 'til 4 pm at IB Crow Campground in Monticello.

94.1 WGFA

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Clifton searches for new mayor; Loda fills trustee vacancies

The village of Clifton needs a mayor.

Trustee Andrew Winkel is serving as President Pro Tem after the resignation last month of Bob Berns. Berns cited health reasons for stepping down.

Berns had succeeded former mayor Jan O'Connell, who moved away from the community.

Clifton's next mayor would serve in the capacity of "acting mayor" and be in office until a newly-elected mayor is chosen by voters in the next municipal election. That'll be in the Consolidated Election in April of 2017.

The acting-mayor would be chosen from the pool of current trustees. Should those six all refuse to serve, state statute allows the village board to choose any Clifton resident legally-qualified to hold office.

Also, should an existing trustee accept the mayor's appointment, he/she has the option to serve as a voting-trustee or could resign the trustee seat in favor filling another vacancy on the board.

In Loda --- two new trustees recently filled vacancies. Richard Manzke and Cathy Tittle filled the vacant seats of Ron Dudley and Jeff Johnson. They both resigned their seats last fall.

Trustee Roy Hilgendorf tried unsuccessfully, three times, to have former John Zalaker re-appointed to one of the vacancies. Board President Carol Arseneau had voiced her personal reasons for not going with Zalaker. The vacancies remained in placed until the two reason appointments were made.

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