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Milford house gutted by fire

A working smoke detector and the family dog get credit for alerting a family about a house fire early Sunday.

A family of four is homeless following the blaze that started on a lower level then worked its way upstairs. A husband and wife managed to escape the flames. Two teens were not at home at the time.

Milford Fire Chief Frank Hines reported the house, at 1133 N and 1800 E Road, was heavily damaged. The cause may have been an overloaded electrical outlet.

Mutual aid was provided by firemen from Cissna Park, Crescent Iroquois, Stockland and Woodland.

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Unusual road kill found in Indiana

Department of Natural Resource officials were quite surprised when they came across a very unusual road kill in White County, Indiana Friday.

Officers with the DNR found an armadillo on the Washington Street Bridge in Monticello. They said there are a few reports of armadillos in southern Indiana each year, but this is the first they've seen so far north.

Officers believe the animal may have crawled into the engine compartment of a semi, and hitched a ride from somewhere down south, where armadillos are a bit more common.

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Threatening Letter Sent To Former Will County Sheriff

The Will County Sheriff's office is on alert after a threat was placed against former Sheriff Paul Kaupas. Media reports stated a letter was sent threatening to harm him and his family. Authorities say they are taking the matter very seriously. Kaupas served as sheriff for 12-years before retiring last December.     {Metro News}

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Murder-suicide victims identified in Iroquois County

Authorities in Iroquois County say a Danforth man and his wife, both found shot to death early Thursday morning, are now identified as 35-year-old Christopher Johnson and 34-year-old Hillary Johnson.

County Coroner Bill Cheatum said the couple was found at their home on South Madison Street in the small Iroquois County community.

Cheatum said an autopsy completed (Thursday) confirms a murder-suicide. He said family members confirmed the couple was having marital problems.

Sheriff's Police reported no witnesses to the shootings. But neighbors reported the couple was arguing about 11 pm the night before. A Sheriff deputy and Gilman Police discovered the scene about 7 am after responding to a 'welfare check.' A car was found running outside the house overnight.

A handgun was found near the bodies.

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DACC Board approves tuition & fee hikes

Trustees at Danville Area Community College have approved an increase in tuition and fees. The board voted to raise tuition by $5 per credit hour, effective this summer.

Depending on the course, fees will increase by $10 to $15.
Tuition at Danville Area Community College will rise from $110 to $115 per credit hour this summer. The universal fee will remain unchanged.

DACC President Alice Marie Jacobs reports the college has experienced a drop in state aid because of the decision to discontinue part of the state income tax. There's also been a reduction in enrollment this year. Jacobs also points out that state aid is tied to those enrollment figures.

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