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Iroquois County votes down AFSCME contract, 15-0

After discussion in executive session today (Mon), the Iroquois County Board voted 15-0, with four members absent, to deny ratification of a union contract with the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Today's vote came during a special session of the county board. The matter will likely be going back to the Labor Relations Board, according to AFSCME representative David Beck.

Beck said the county employees have been in limbo waiting for a raise since 2010.

An Administrative Law Judge ordered the county vote to make good on the County Board's failure to act on the union contract, which was tentatively agreed on last February ( 2014).

The contract was never presented to the County Board for a formal vote, despite the fact the county's negotiating committee and AFSCME reached agreement. That agreement was thru mediation.

The county had stated its non-vote action was based on 'layoff language' it didn't like, so there was no violation of the Labor Relation Act. But the Administrative Law Judge ruled the County's negotiators had recommended an agreement, so the matter should have been presented to the full Board for vote.

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Weekend fires in Iroquois County, 3 houses destroyed

Fire departments in Iroquois County had a busy weekend assisting each others in three separate house fires.  Families in Beaverville, Danforth and Oppyville lost their homes.  

The State Fire Marshall investigated the ruins of a Saturday fire west of Watseka, in Oppyville.  Crescent City Fire Chief Scott Schroeder reported the family of Brian Brutlag lost its pet when fire gutted their home on Crescent Drive.  No one else was home.  Firemen from Watseka, Concord, Ashkum, Danforth, Gilman, Onarga, Martinton, Milford, Cissna Park all answered the call.  Emergency responders were on the scene until 5 pm.  The cause was under investigation.

Early Saturday morning, fire destroyed a Danforth home.  Chief Jason Brown reported  its cause was being investigated.  Ashkum and Gilman provided mutual aide for Danforth.  The house at 2270 N and 300 E Road was destroyed.

And In Beaverville Saturday evening, a house was destroyed on Bower Road.  No one was home.  The cause was under investigation today.  Fire departments from Donovan, Concord and Martinton provided back-up for Beaverville. 

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Chebanse man killed in Iroquois County crash

A two-vehicle crash near Clifton Friday evening klilled 18-year-old Brian Denault Jr.  He was a passenger in a vehicile driven by 17-year-old Mason Peters of Clifton, who's now charged with failure to reduce speed and disobeyed a stop sign. 

Denault was pronounced dead at Riverside Hospital. 

Sheriff's Police report Peters was westbound on County Road 2900 N and failed to stop for a sign sign.  His vehicle was broadsided by a southbound truck driven by Douglas Buschman of Reynolds, Indiana.  Peters and Buschman were treated for injuries. 

Chebanse Townshop Fire and Riverside Ambulance were at the scene.  The accident remains undewr investigation.

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Stolen vehicle nets Crescent City man 6 years; Watseka man gets 3 years in DOC

45-year-old Jason Schopf of Crescent City plead guilty to possession of a stolen vehicle.
In Iroquois Circuit Court, Judge Gordon Lustfeldt sentenced Shopf to six years in prison for the Class 2 felony. Schopf was found in Crescent City with the vehicle stolen from Tennessee.

33-year-old Donald Russell of Watseka was sentenced to 3 and a-half years in prison for burglary. He was arrested for stealing a motorcycle from a local business in September of 2014. The cycle was recovered by police at a local business parking lot.

Russell pleaded guilty before Judge Lustfeldt.

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Iroquois County Board cited for violation of Labor Relations Act

The Iroquois County Board meets in special session Monday (6/29) to make good on its failure to act on a union contract with the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Monday's 9 am special meeting finds the agenda stating "discussion and vote on the AFSCME union contract."

The special session also refers to discussion and vote on claims for a boiler replacement.

But the immediate issue has the County Board forced to react to an administrative law judge's order.

AFSCME, in February of 2014, filed an unfair labor practice charge with the State Panel of the Illinois Labor relations Board, claiming Iroquois County failed to ratify a preliminary collective bargaining agreement that the two parties reached through negotiations and mediation.

Whether the contract would have been approved is not the issue. The matter was NOT even presented to the County Board for a vote.

The Law Judge stated in the ruling that AFSCME filed the charge against the county after a tentative agreement was reached in February 2014.  The contract was never presented to the county board for a vote even thoufh the county's own negotiating committee agreed on the pact. Iroquois County had issueswith the 'layoff language,' claiming there was no violation of the Labor Relations Act.  The Judge disagreed.  The ruling agaist the county stated the negotiating committee recommended the agreement be ratified.

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