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Teen killed in Newton County, IN crash

Details are yet to be released officially, but emergency responders report a 13-year-old boy died Sunday night in a crash in Newton County, Indiana.

The un-identified boy was killed and another juvenile injured when they were ejected from a vehicle. The crash happened at 600 N and 400 W.

A westbound Jeep entered the intersection where it was hit by a southbound SUV.

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Glazar responds to Rowe attacks on "the facts" in State's Attorney's race

Republican Kankakee County State's Attorney candidate Ed Glazar responded *decisively to attacks from Democratic oppoenent Jim Rowe about his budget record as Chief Public Defender.

Glazar said "despite my opponent's claims, the official county record shows that I have never been overbudget in my line-item budget from 2001 thru 2014, which were the years I completed as Chief Public Defender."   Glazar said "Rowe is distorting the truth, again, for political reasons."

Glazar also refutes several other accusations made by Rowe, including that Glazar doubled his stipend as Chief Public Defender.  Glazar points out, "I never doubled anybody's stipend.  In fact, Glazar said during his tenure, he eliminated those stipends to save money, which is easily researched."

Glazar also pointed to Rowe being wrong about his claim that Glazar somehow "gave" healthcare coverage to part-time government employees."  Glazar clarified that "the truth is benefits for part-time lawyers have been in place before 1983, when I started as an assistant public defender."

Glazar points to Rowe's inexperience, addign that "anyone who has experience in the position would know that; it's Rowe's lack of experience that shows we can't afford to have him in the State's Attorney's office."

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Rowe gains endorsement from sheriff deputies for S-A

Democrat Jim Rowe has gained the endorsement of Kankakee County sheriff deputies in the race for States’ Attorney.

It’s a first for the sheriff deputies to endorse a candidate for state’s attorney. The local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) #150 pointed to Rowe’s vision for the office in giving him the endorsement over Republican Ed Glazar.

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Public safety tax topic of discussion in Iroquois County

Iroquois County residents buying items in neighboring counties are helping to pay for public safety in those counties. So, why shouldn’t people visiting and buying goods in Iroquois County return the favor ?

That’s a common-sense question when it comes to the pressing need of Iroquois County needing revenue to maintain services. And yet, some decision-makers insist on their thought of “no new taxes.”

The Iroquois County Board has a decision to make (Tuesday). Either allow voters to decide in a November referendum whether to impose a sales tax for public safety, or continue to wonder where new revenues come from.

The question is always there, for local taxpayers. Why are you willing to pay that tax when you visit other counties to spend money but you refuse to have people coming here pay the same tax to support our need for public safety ?

The Iroquois County Board Finance committee is reluctant to place the matter on the November ballot, where it’s failed twice before. The full County Board will have to decide the matter. And it must be done and certified in the County Clerk’s office by August 25th to make it to the November 8 ballot.

A group of county leaders, including Sheriff Derek Hagen, are in favor of letting the voters decide. Business and civic leaders have also expressed support for allowing the matter to go to voters.

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Government agencies struggle with budget plans

City/village/township/county governmental leaders are pencil-pushing and head-scratching in trying to find direction for FY 17 budgets.

Finance planners are always in search of a better bottom-line, but the state’s battle without a budget for 10-months plus delayed al sorts of reimbursement payments to local government. Now, still waiting for those state funds, local governmental leaders are strapped with a shortage.

Municipal and county officials are struggling to find new means of revenue.

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