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Pastor Jim Small remembered as community leader

The Village of Onarga and all of Iroquois County is mourning the death of Pastor James Small.

A community leader, directing the Onarga Christian Church, Jim Small was an active member of so many youth groups. He was also a Village Board member in Onarga, served as chaplain at Iroquois Memorial Hospital and was a spiritual leader for the IMH Hospice program.

Jim Small was instrumental in getting the Garage Community Center for Youth opened in Gilman. He served as camp manager at the Prairie States Christian Camp and was also a leader in startup for Youth for Christ organization.

In 2015, Small was named Onarga Citizen of the Year.

Jim Small died at his home Wednesday, having battled cancer. He was 63.

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Vermilion County health officials study link to Legionnaires Disease

The Vermilion County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control are looking into a possible local link to three cases of Legionnaires Disease.

Legionnaires Disease attacks the lungs. It’s like getting a strong case of pneumonia. But it is not contagious, so it does not spread from person to person.

Vermilion County Public Health Administrator Douglas Toole assures people there is no need for alarm. Toole said the CDC has notified the Vermilion County Health Department that a common link found between the three cases is that all three stayed at a Danville motel between October 2015 and September of this year.

Water samples are being studied. The results of those tests are not expected to be known for about two weeks. Toole adds the motel has been very cooperative in the investigation.

Toole says the tests being conducted by the CDC and State of Illinois Public Health Department in Danville are being done merely as a precaution.

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Iroquois County Finance committee looks to approve FY17 budget

The fiscal year 2017 budget may be available for public review following next week’s Iroquois County Board meeting. The finance committee meets tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 am.

The committee is likely to approve its FY17 tentative budget. Should the full board give its OK next Tuesday (October11), the budget would be posted for review in the County Clerk’s office.The full Board would vote on the new budget at its November meeting.

Next Tuesday’s Iroquois County Board meeting is scheduled to be held at the Old Courthouse Museum in Watseka, beginning at 9 am.

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Manteno, Monticello, IN losing jobs

The Diversatech campus in Manteno is losing one of its home-base companies. The Merisant plant is closing its doors in mid-December with plans to move to a southeastern state. The company makes sweeteners for coffee shops and restaurants.

The company has been one Diversatech’s anchor facilities.
Employees will be assisted in finding new opportunities. Ninety workers are affected. Merisant has operated three shifts, five days per week. Some of the employees have been there for 18-20 years.

Wisconsin-based Regal Beloit is closing its doors in Monticell, Indiana and heading to a southeastern state. The company let 35 employees go. The plant, which manufactures air flow, power transmission, motion control and power generation solutions, is relocating machines to a plant in Mexico.

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Appeals Court puts hold on order to block Election Day Voter Registration

Illinois voters will be allowed to register on Election Day for the time being. A federal appeals court placed a temporary hold yesterday on a judge's order to block the state's Election Day voter registration law. Last week, the judge ruled the policy was unconstitutional. The law requires counties with populations of 100-thousand or more to offer Election Day registration at all polling places.

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