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Anderson voted in as new Iroquois County Board Chairman

Kyle Anderson of Beaverville (District 1) is the new chairman of the Iroquois County Board. Anderson was the lone nomination when the County Board re-organized today (Monday).

Anderson received 16 votes. Jean Hiles voted No. Brett Schmid abstained. Donna Wasmer and Dan Pursley were absent.

Voting in favor of Anderson were board members: Charlie Ault, Lyle Behrends, Russell Bills, Donna Crow, Ernie Curtis, Keven Hansen, Larry Hasbargen, Troy Krumweide, Vince Lamie, Dan Rayman, Dale Schultz. John Shure, Jed Whitlow, Susan Wynn Bence, Adam Zumwalt and Anderson.

Dan Rayman was the only nomination for Vice-Chair. He received Yes votes from Alt, Anderson, Behrends, Bills, Curtis, Hansen, Hasbargen, Krunweide, Lamie, Schmid, Schultz, Shure, Zumwalt and Rayman.

Abstaining from the vote were: Crow, Hiles and Whitlow.

Absent: Pursley, Wasmer, and Wynn Bence.

Hasbargen, Lamie and Pursley are newcomers.

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Thanksgiving Day fatalities identified

Two St. Anne residents have been identified as the victims who died in a one-vehicle accident Thanksgiving Day in Donovan.

41-year-old Mark Morris and 32-year-old Joanna Bakula were killed when the piclup truck driven by Morris slammed into a tree.

Illinois State Police investigated just past midnight. The northbound truck left Route 52 before hitting the tree.

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Iroquois County 9-1-1 Board to oversee emergency dispatching

After months of discussion, or lack of it, there's a glimpse of unity. And the Iroquois County 9-1-1 Board is taking control to oversee operations in the 9-1-1 Center, including managing the emergency dispatchers.

The new fiscal year – December 1st – will find the 9-1-1 Board stepping up to keep the county's critical emergency dispatching services intact.

The County Board's Policy & Procedure committee gave its nod of approval (Wednesday).

A newly-organized County Board takes over Monday, December 1st. The Board officially reorganizes following the 2014 elections.

It was the County Board's pressure, led by former Chairman Rod Copas, that kept the two sides apart in trying to resolve differences. Copas had pushed to have the County Board take over dispatching services. But the 9-1-1 Board members insisted they have the expertise to make the necessary critical conditions to operate dispatching to meet the public safety needs of the public.

9-1-1 Coordinator Nita Dubble reported Wednesday that emergency first-response agencies are returning signed-contracts to the 9-1-1 Board that find those agencies are OK with continuing dispatch services as they have been over the years.

The 9-1-1 Board is being reduced from 12 to six members. The County Board will have representation.

Leftover funds from the dissolved ICOM Board are being turned over to the Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB). That funding totals $96, 633.

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Thanksgiving accident kills 2 in Iroquois County

Two people are dead following an early-morning traffic crash in Iroquois County on Thanksgiving Day. The crash occurred on Route 52 in Donovan, shortly after midnight.

The victims are yet to be identified. Relatives were being notified. The Iroquois County Coroner's Office and Illinois State Police are involved in the investigation.

Un-official reports is that a pickup truck slammed into a tree in Donovan. The two occupants of the truck died in the accident.

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Little snow, cheaper gas over holiday

Central Illinois will miss out on any snow problems for Thanksgiving. But those in other places, like out east, there could be problems if traveling for the holiday.

If there's any bright spot, it's that gas prices remain low.

The National Weather Service reports no significant accumulation of any snow is expected.
If any snow, it'll be a rain and snow mix and won't pose any by travel problems.

Six to 12 inches of snow is forecast for Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York state. Rain, low clouds and poor visibility could lead to airline delays on the busiest traveling day of the year.

Drivers also should continue to see low prices at the gas pump. Average prices at the start of the week were almost 35 cents per gallon lower than the same time last year, and 24 cents lower than a month ago, according to GasBuddy.com.

Illinois is one of 39 states with averages below $3 per gallon.

The weekend should bring warmer temperatures in east-central Illinois and in nearby Indiana. Highs will be around 40 degrees on Friday and above 50 degrees on Saturday. It could be a little cooler on Sunday.

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