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Milford school threat under investigation >

There was police presence in the Milford School District (Friday) as local authorities investigated what was described as a "non-specific threat," an unsubstantiated report on a social media app about a shooting at a school.

Milford Police reported both law enforcement and the school district took proactive action – it appeared no one was in danger at any time. The Milford Police Department and the Milford School District's top priority is ensuring the safety of its citizens and students.

Parents and others of interest were notified about the incident via the school district's alert system.

It was Thursday when the Milford Police Department was contacted by the Milford School District in reference to the non-specific threat. An anonymous social media app referred to a shooting at a school, nothing specific. After learning of the incident the Milford Police opened an investigation into the matter. The threat was unsubstantiated as to the date, time and location. It is unclear when the post was made; it could be over a year old.

Police and school staff monitored social networking sites for chatter about a shooting to take place at the school. The Milford Police Department was in contact with administrators of the Milford School District throughout the night Thursday and all day Friday.

There was police presence at the school Friday.

The Milford Police Department will continue to look into this matter.

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Danville welcomes show choirs, hosts Midwest Classic

The 20th Annual Midwest Classic Show Choir Competition is this weekend at Danville High School. Today (Friday) and Saturday, the competition finds 26 choral ensembles participating from around the country.

The annual event attracts over 3,000 visitors to Danville.
The Midwest Classic involves middle school division competition beginning at 5:30 pm today. Saturday, (2/6), 18 high school choirs begin competing at 8:30 am. The event is held in Danville High School's Little Theatre.

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FEMA seeking flood damage assessments in Watseka

Door-to-door damage assessments are being conducted in Watseka with hope federal financial assistance will be available for flood victims.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials are working with the Illinois EMA and Iroquois County EMA to gather the needed information. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is also present to offer help.

Preliminary damage assessments are getting started today (Friday).  For property owners who won't be home during the door-to-door visits, you're encouraged to contact the EMA office at 815-432-6997 to report damage. The disaster assistance process is important.  Home owners. businesses, and non-profit agencies are urged to cooperate.  

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Meijer Store to replace Super K-Mart in Bradley

Midwest retailer giant Meijer is lined up to step into the Bradley (IL) business climate. The Michigan-based Meijer outlet, it's been announced, will fill the void in Kankakee County when the K-Mart Super Center closes.

Bradley Mayor Bruce Adams confirms Meijer has purchased the K-Mart property. Plans call for the building to be razed and a new Meijer store will be built at the same location. There's a spring 2018 opening date.

Meijer is a huge Midwest retailer. Stores are located in Illinois (including Champaign), Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Meijer employs more than 65,000 people and lists revenues at $15.7 billion.

K-Mart employees were notified Wednesday the store on Kinzie Avenue will close in May.

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Tim Bukowski announces retirement as Kankakee County Sheriff

He's the 36th Person to serve as Sheriff of Kankakee County. And. after 19 years and having won re-election in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014....Sheriff Tim Bukowski announced his retirement. He'll step aside April 23rd.

At a press conference today (Thursday), Bukowski cited health issues.

Bukowski said he's undergone cardiac procedures, treatment for pancreatitis, and had his gall bladder removed. And a recent diagnosis is a benign cyst in the spinal canal causing a lot of discomfort.

Bukowski told the gathering how fortunate it was to work for former Sheriff Bernie Thompson, who was elected to three terms and served 10 years as the first sheriff of Kankakee County elected to more than two terms. Bukowski said the people of the county were so fortunate to have someone of his character and abilities to serve as their sheriff.

Looking back, Bukowski said he so enjoyed his position.

"Every day for the past 19 years I woke up looking forward to serving the people of Kankakee County, even if there were those who weren't quite as excited about that prospect as I was. It's been my honor and privilege to serve the people of this county and I am humbled by their trust and confidence."

The retiring sheriff is putting his trust and support behind Undersheriff Mike Downey for the appointment. That decision will come from the County Board.

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