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RVM bus service scaled back due to lack of funding

State Senator Toi Hutchinson says “it’s a violation of state law” and people of the state shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of funding not being channeled to the right source.
Hutchinson was at a press conference in Bourbonnais (Tuesday) to get the word out that the governor and comptroller need to be held accountable for transportations funds not being paid to transit districts.........

Hutchinson invited riders of the River Valley Metro Transit District to share their stories about the effects of the transit lines being shut down because funds are not being paid........
RVM suspended services (Tuesday) . RVM CEO Rob Hoffman said everything is being done to keep buses rolling. Two service routes were eliminated to try to remedy the fact that funding from the state hasn’t been received since last year. Hoffman said it’s hoped that funding will be flowing by year’s end or the transit could be forced to shut down.

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First female to serve as dean for College of ACES at U of I

URBANA – The University of Illinois is making history today (Tuesday) as Dr. Kimberlee Kidwell begins her role as the first female
dean in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). Kidwell, a nationally respected
scholar and award­winning teacher and administrator, holds the inaugural Robert A. Easter Chair.

“It is surreal to have an opportunity to co­create the next era of excellence in the college with the ACES community at
my alma mater,” said Kidwell, who received her bachelor’s degrees from the College of ACES in genetics and
development and agriculture science. “It is a privilege to be able to create opportunities of a lifetime for people at the
university that provided those types of opportunities for me.”

Kidwell is an accomplished wheat breeder and geneticist with multiple patented discoveries addressing basic questions
involving gene discovery, genetic characterization, and genetic mapping of important traits for wheat improvement. She
also released more than 20 wheat varieties for commercial production.

In her previous role as executive associate dean of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
at Washington State University, Kidwell spearheaded the development of the new Center for Transformational Learning
and Leadership, a student, faculty, alumni, and industry partner collaboration which provides beyond­the­classroom
experiences for students and leadership development for graduate students, faculty, staff, and professionals.

She grew up in Danville, Illinois. After graduating from the U of I, she went on to obtain her master’s and Ph.D. degrees
in plant breeding and plant genetics from the University of Wisconsin­Madison.

Kidwell will succeed ACES Dean Robert Hauser, who has served in that role since 2010.

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New chief judge for Illinois Supreme Court, Justice Garman administers oath

Justice Rita Garman of Danville has stepped aside as Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. Justice Garman Monday administered the oath of office to new Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier of Nashville, Illinois.

Justice Karmeier is Illinois’ 120th Chief Justice. Justice Garman will continue to serve on the court, but her term as Chief Justice ended.

Chief Justice Karmeier pledged to continue Justice Garman’s efforts to expand access for electronic filing, and her efforts in other areas to make Illinois courts more effective and readily available to all who need them.

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Kankakee County gets ‘good news,’ economic boost

Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey delivered some good news to the County Board finance leaders Monday. More ICE detainees have arrived for housing at the county jail. That means more revenue.

There’s now 121 detainees. The sheriff said the county is set up to handle up to 200 inmates. The federal program could bring in up to $5-million a year.

FY2017 Budget OK’d ...

The County Board was in special session Monday, approving a balanced budget for the new fiscal year.

The budget does include provisions for accumulating some reserves. The spending plan did face some opposition due to spending cuts in the sheriff’s department while withholding $500,000 in reserves.

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Bradley: Verizon store robbed at gunpoint

An armed robbery of the Verizon store in Bradley Sunday is under investigation. Two men are reported to have entered the store on Route 50 about 10:30 am. Customers and employees were tied up while the assailants fled with with an undisclosed number of cellphones.

Bradley Police reported the two suspects were masked and armed with semi-automatic firearms. They ordered customers and employees to the ground before restraining them. The robbers left through a back door, fleeing in a waiting vehicle.

No one was injured.

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