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Lunar Eclipse visible Wednesday

A rare event in our skies, a lunar eclipse, and yes, experts tell us you'll be able to see it.

You need to be up early Wednesday morning. The eclipse begins at 4:30 am and becomes a complete lunar eclipse around 5:30 am

The lunar eclipse is a little more convenient than the one last April, which occurred in the middle of the night.

A lunar eclipse occurs because the moon has no light of its own, and only affects sunlight. So when the moon passes through the earth's shadow, when it's on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, it disappears into a dark red glow.

If not for the earth's atmosphere, the moon would be completely dark.

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Condon murder trial scheduled in Iroquois County

                         'Jail incident' barred from trial

A jail "incident" between murder suspect Andrew Condon and jail personnel will not be allowed at trial, when Condon is tried for the 2012 murder of Jonathon Rubin of Danforth.

Iroquois County judge Gordon Lustfeldt has granted a defense motion request to bar the prosecution from referring to last year's incident in the county jail.

Attorney Ed Glazur Jr. filed the motion in August, saying the incident bebtween his client and the jail employees "was irrelevant" and would deny Condon a fair trial.

A jury trial is scheduled for November 25. Condon is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of the 27-year-old Rubin at the Shell gas station in Gilman where Rubin worked.

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Deliberations underway in Lamie murder trial

PONTIAC - A murder trial surrounding the 2011 death of a four year old Bloomington girl is in the jury's hands. Deliberations began Monday and resume today.

31 year old foster-mother Heather Lamie is charged with the child's murder. She also is charged with endangering the life and health of a child.

The trial is being held in Livingston County Court. An expert for the prosecution testified that the injuries were not self-inflicted. Kianna Rudesill died from severe head trauma. Police say her body was covered in bruises. She died one day after being flown to a Peoria hospital.

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Ford County inmate found hanging, dies

The Champaign County Coroner's Office is confirming an inmate who tried to hang himself at the Ford County Jail has died.

52-year-old David A. Reeder of Gibson City died Friday at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana.
The results from an autopsy determined Reeder died as a result of hanging, according to Coroner Duane Northrup said.

Reeder was unresponsive when a correctional officer found him hanging by the neck from a bed sheet in his cell during a routine cell check about mid-morning September 29.

Reeder had been in critical condition at Carle until he died Friday afternoon. Illinois State Police continue to investigate the incident at Sheriff Mark Doran's request.

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Man’s body parts found wrapped in plastic, blanket in Chicago neighborhood garage

        Fowler Police working with Chicago investigators


It's a death investigation in Chicago that may be connected to a missing-person report in Fowler, Indiana.

A man's body parts wrapped in plastic and a blanket were found Sunday afternoon in a garage in Chicago's Hegewisch neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Police said the man was found dead about 3:20 pm.

A woman who called police reported a strange smell coming from the garage. Police sources stated the man's remains wrapped in plastic and a blanket were found inside.

A Cook County Medical Examiner's Office spokesperson confirmed the fatality, but did not release additional details.

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