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Flood waters threaten Watseka homes, Sugar Creek recedes at Milford

Watseka residents needing sand bags can find them at Lake View Park –across from City Hall – on Brianna Drive. The sandbagging operation was re-located when the Public Works building and lot on North Street was flooded Tuesday. That closed North Street.

Barricades are still in place for many sections of Watseka. Sugar Creek was rising at about a half-inch an hour (at least count). Overnight, the flood waters had risen, but slowed since last evening around 7 pm when the creek was rising an inch per hour.

At Milford -- observers report Sugar Creek was holding at 21.3 feet --- HAVING PEAKED TUESDAY at 26.31. The flood water has backed off County Highway 9, west of Milford.

Other routes closed are posted online. The City of Watseka's Facebook site is working to keep citizens informed.

The Trinity Church in Watseka is open for sheltering. The American Red Cross is operating the shelter with help from church patrons.

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Mayor Harwood: Watseka residents urged to be proactive

The flooding conditions in Watseka finds Mayor Bob Harwood suggesting citizens "not to panic, but act now; don't wait to get to higher ground."

The mayor said to be vigilant, but don't panic. The flood waters have forced barricades into place at several locations in town. Sugar Creek and the Iroquois River are on the rise since the rain Sunday thru this (Tues) morning.

Sugar Creek at Milford is expected to crest today (Tuesday). The latest measurement there was at 26.29 feet ---well above the 18-foot flood stage.

The Iroquois River is not expected to peak until Thursday. Several roads in Watseka have barricades in place. Motorists are urged to obey 'road closed' signs.

Several other rural routes in Iroquois County are also posted. County Highway and Township road crews are monitoring the flood waters.

The City of Watseka Facebook site is keeping local citizens aware of the updated information.

Sandbags are available at the Watseka Public Works Department on North Street.

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Counterfeit money presented in Iroquois County

Iroquois County business-folks are being advised to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills. Sheriff's Police are investigating a couple of incidents in the Gilman and Crescent City areas.

Two $100 dollar bills and a couple of $20 dollar bills were presented to local businesses and turned up phony.

Police advise businesses to make sure their employees are properly trained to check the water marks for authenticity.

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Iroquois County: update on flooding, power outages

The continuing rains and winds have played havoc on conditions in Iroquois County and the surrounding areas today (Monday). Some roads are closed, others have standing water, power interruptions are being dealt with, and motorists needs to be prepared for changing conditions.

Watseka Mayor Bob Harwood is cautiously optimistic concerning potential flooding; feeling confident the community won't experience anything drastic. He does, however, advise citizens to be prepared, don't wait until you're forced to react. Harwood advises those citizens in low-lying areas to make plans to get to higher ground, if need be.

Citizens can get updated info at cityofwatseka...on facebook.

The Iroquois River is expected to crest Wednesday morning at 22.2 feet. Sugar Creek was listed at 21.11 feet around Noon (Monday) and is likely to crest at 22.5 feet Tuesday.

River-watchers at Milford report usual trouble areas are closed, including 900 N and Township Road 275-A. The Route 1 viaduct is closed and posted.

Iroquois County Emergency Management (EMA) is reporting the County Road 41 bridge north of Stockland is closed; 2120 E north of Woodland and Blue Bell Bend Road both have water crossing the roadway.

Motorists are urged to find alternate routes if you experience on water on the roads.

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Officials Urge Motorists to Use Caution on Ice and Water Covered Roadways

Illinois State Police officials are reminding motorists of the potentially dangerous road conditions as hazardous weather continues throughout the week. Travel conditions throughout the state are becoming hazardous due to icing on bridges and flooding in low areas.

Speed is a contributing factor for accidents when road conditions are wet and slick. Motorists are urged to reduce speeds and drive with caution and to allow for extra travel time.

Illinois State Police also wants to remind motorists to yield to emergency and snow removal equipment. The Move Over Law (Scott's Law) requires drivers to reduce speed, change lanes if possible and proceed with due caution.

Stranded motorists are encouraged to remain inside their vehicles and wait for first responders. Motorists involved in crashes that require no emergency care may file a crash report within 10 days at the nearest police station.

Motorists should monitor the road conditions before driving and remember to keep emergency items inside the vehicle. A complete list of road closures can be found on the Illinois Department of Transportation website at www.gettingaroundillinois.com or by calling 1-800-452-4368.

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